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Using Ormus to Relieve Toothache
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100% Ormus made from the finest Celtic Sea Salt on earth.

Celtic Sea Salt is extremely high in nutrients, making our Ormus some of the most effective on the planet. Ormus is fast gaining reputation as being one of the best healing products around. It can be used both internally and externally. It tastes like the freshest purest spring water on earth. And relieves pain instantly from cuts,scrapes and abrasions. When taken internally, it boosts energy, intuition and awareness. Increasing our connection to our potential and more.

Use for cuts, healing, or dilute take with water for general health. Spray nozzle makes it great for watering plants to induce extra large growth. Ormus enhances growth in any agricultural or gardening scenario. Plants or crops grow faster and taller with larger and more numerous fruits or flowers. Taste, colour and fragrance are all noticeably vibrant and impressive. The plants or crops are also more resistant to disease meaning that ecologically undesirable pesticides or fertilisers can be avoided. Animals show a clear preference for feedstuffs treated with Ormus and themselves grow bigger, stronger and are more healthy.

Ormus is an incredible, special elixir. It comes from a location deep inside you. It takes you to locations you have never been and to places you have always wanted to go. The combination of rich monoatomic elements from the remote, pristine pacific ocean and the energizing vibrational components of precious seawater will lift your spirits naturally.

Ormus is monoatomic Gold and more. It�s the energy of wet Ormus, with out the enormus after taste. This is genuine Ormus water: high spun, magnetically vortexed and blessed mineral water.

Each brew of Ormus is made by hand and packed with love to bring the finest of times to you. This is a very unique item that must be experienced to be truly realized. I find that life is about Vibrancy. Depth. Enrichment. Ormus elevates those qualities and brings to you monoatomic elements, without the poor flavor that can be located in many Ormus goods. I compel you to give it a try out. I feel you will find that it will be a highly effective addition to your life. Ormus by the gallon size is also available.


Ormus has also been associated with healing some common types of cancer. "It has been proven in laboratory tests that ORMUS appears to be a cure for various forms of cancer and many other diseases related to RNA-DNA malfunction (see: It has also been reported by researchers that ORMUS can repair corrupted DNA data and may be able to reverse or suspend the aging process in certain instances."

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Brushing Teeth with Ormus


"Ok I've decided to share my lil ormus story with you guys. A couple of months ago I got a bottle of ormus from a local. When I was near the end of that bottle, I felt inspired to go into my garden. With an eyedropper, I gave a few select plants a couple of drops of ormus each then gave 'em a good soak. Now I must say, my favorite rose that looked that it was on it's last limb has bloomed 4 times aready with at least 4 flowers each round. This one I thought was dead but gave ormus just in case just shoot up high and had it's first bloom of 3. My other roses are starting to grow taller than me becuase when I cut the head off the dead flower it comes back bigger and harder with more buds each time. And I think I just may let this round go for my climbing roses and try making a batch of rosehip jam. My hot pepper plant which I hoped would come back is already flowering and has growth half way up to where it was when I brought it from the store. And I know it's just the begining."

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