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How do you fix ingrown toenails? That is an answer that many people are asking, considering many of us wish to avoid ingrown toenail surgery and its associated pain after surgery. One of the best cures I have found that is 100% natural, non-toxic and quick is to use Ormus. Especially Hawaiian Ormus. From personal experience, I had an infected ingrown toenail a few times over the last 2 years and applied Ormus mixed with a little bit of Citronella Essential Oil before bed. By around noon the next day the pain was gone and by the following night, the ingrown toenail had completely disappeared. All without me having to clip the nail or do anything, other than apply Ormus and some Citronella Essential Oil.

An ingrown toenail is an extremely painful experience for anyone that has one and early symptoms of an ingrown toenail are a prelude to a future infection. If you wait you will get an infected ingrown toe and the usual option if you go to a doctor is complete removal of the nail. I used to clip my toenails in a internal "V" shape to avoid getting an ingrown toenail, which usually works, now I just apply Ormus and Citronella Essential Oil when it occurs again.

Nothing else exists on the market today that can fix ingrown toenails quickly and naturally. Hawaiian Ormus is 100% natural and non-toxic, made from the cleanest seawater on earth. Get yours now in 8oz or a 1 gallon size by clicking
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