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I am a firm believer in using non-toxic plants and believing in the power to heal thyself by using natural substances the earth has provided for us. When you learn to heal yourself of aches and pains, you save money in the process. One of the most powerful uses or Ormus has been to use it to heal a toothache and infection naturally. By using the method called "Oil Pulling" after you have rinsed your mouth clean, swish your mouth with Ormus. This will help prevent infection and further accelerate the healing. After doing the Oil Pulling and applying Ormus for 3 days, the abscess will have fully subsided. Ormus has remarkable other healing traits as well.

You can also use it for slow healing sores, a sore throat, sore armpits and to reduce a fever associated with a sore throat. Nothing else exists on the market today for sore throat cures or an abscessed tooth. Ormus is made from the cleanest Celtic Salt on earth.

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