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This Ormus has been made in a location free of contaminating electromagnetic and electrical fields.  You are guaranteed to feel a lasting difference of this Ormus compared to other brands.



Why is your Ormus Different from other brands?

The purity. Hawaii Ormus is made and processed and packaged in an environment free of electromagnetic contamination. This keeps the Ormus free of any impurities. You will notice the difference immediately upon taking it. Unlike other types of Ormus made in areas of strong magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic fields, which influence the final result, extra special precautions are made to ensure that your Ormus is made, packaged and shipped free of any unwanted unnecessary contamination. Each bottle is than wrapped in an electromagnetically shielded pouch, keeping it free of any possible contamination on its way to your home.




A little about me
While you can buy Ormus from just about anyone because the plans are readily available, I urge users of Ormus to seek a professional. Since 2009 I have been practicing Alchemy as a hobby.  During this time I started supplying Ormus locally to residents on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii and also worldwide on my website, Mightyz. Hawaiian Ormus is of much better quality. This is because Hawaii has rich volcanic soil, the perfect environment for manufacturing Ormus. The Supplement Ormus Greens is also produced in the Western United States.



 My Background
My background is as a Master Herbalist and Author of over 7 published books on Herbal Longevity and Aromatherapy. Much of my writing includes teaching my readers how to make their own Ormus. I learned the art of Ormus making while in the pristine remote islands of Hawaii.







Is Ormus Scientifically Proven?


Besides numerous agricultural scientific studies proving the effectiveness of Ormus to increase crop yields without pesticides, there are now scientifically published studies showing beneficial effects on people.


Scientifically Clinically Proven Studies of Ormus

Research Study #1

In 2003 a controlled scientific study by the AlphaLearning Institute in Lugano, Switzerland performed a clinical analysis of the effects of Ormus on the brain involving 40 subjects. The study lasted a number of weeks.  The study concluded that users taking the Ormus showed a significant enhancement of Alpha Waves, which lead to hemispheric left and right brain synchronization. Benefits of enhanced alpha brain wave patterns include enhanced mind body coordination, greater creativity, improved learning ability and reduced stress.

Research Study #2

In a biofeedback research study conducted by the Mind Spa in Norcross, Georgia, involving Ormus, the study showed that individuals taking Ormus had become more balanced and calm after taking Ormus. The study also concluded that there was a clear decrease in the user's emotional reactivity and that users had enhanced mind relaxation.  90% of the volunteers taking Ormus showed their brainwave frequencies were balance out and that their frequency bands showed enhanced activation. Professor Robert Dallas, PhD., Director of the Mind Spa, stated "the most obvious and consistent results occurred in the EEG measurements after taking Ormus".
Professor Dallas further stated: We could casually say that people with high theta activity (as compared to beta) are considered to be "right brained," (creative, meditative, artistic, spatially oriented). People with high beta activity (as compared to theta) are considered to be "left brained," (logical, mathematically inclined, linearly oriented).


So it has been scientifically confirmed that users of Ormus will have stronger balanced brainwaves in the alpha region creating syncronization between both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D. author Vibrational Medicine stated after studying Ormus
"Ormus is well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, self-healing and a path of spiritual transformation" -
In summary, these scientifically and carefully controlled clinically studies clearly provide evidence that there is a positive temporary neurological impact when taking Ormus. The studies show it somehow provides an environment whereby the brain moves toward a balanced state of healthy homeostasis. Ormus has given mankind a new level of healing using micro mineral nutrition. Clinical studies have shown Ormus balances both hemispheres of the brain, increasing alpha brain wave production. This allows it to immediately remove the symptoms of depression. Alpha brainwaves also increase creativity, recall of important information, reduce stress and remove restlessness. Regular use of Ormus reveals that in the universal order of things, you are unique and powerful with infinite potential. This in turn induces feelings  of deep peace, well being and joy. Your body and soul become aligned with the loving life force, the creator of worlds and the animation of creation. This gives you fuel on demand for empowerment and a clear connection to your higher self, the basis of all wisdom and self healing. You will join on a higher level those working to align this planet on a path of peace, prosperity and universal symbiosis.



What is the Difference between Ormus and Monatomic Gold?

The answer is simple.  The difference is in how the Ormus is prepared and sold. Monatomic Gold is a white powder usually sold in capsule form and Ormus is a wet liquid, similar to a herbal tincture.  The wet Ormus is safer to use and is more easily and more quickly absorbed by the body.  It is also safer to use, as some users of Monatomic Gold capsules have reported an addition, where the body starts to crave more and more of the powder after a period of time if used over the long term. The wet Ormus is usually fresher, having usually made within the last 30 days or less.

What ingredients do you use?

I use the highest quality fresh pure Hawaiian Ocean uncontaminated sea water, which is 99.99% pure . This combination of mineral rich salts from the nutrient rich Hawaiian waters makes this Ormus especially abundant in M-state Gold; consisting of the following: Copper, Silver, Nickel, Platinum, Rhodium, Iridium, Palladium, Ruthenium, Osmium, Cobalt, and more! Only Original Hawaii Ormus provides you with all of the C-11 Platinum group elements in perfect balance in a readily bio-available liquid form.  



What is Ormus and where does it originate from?


Ormus is short for the Acronym ORMES, which is short for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. They  originate in the mineral kingdom or locations where there are high concentrations of minerals.  Ormes can be found on the salts of the planet's oceans or in the plant Aloe Vera.  The better known Ormus elements include; Copper, Silver, Palladium, Nickel, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Gold, Platinum, Osmium and Iridium. The name came from Mr. David Hudson, a cotton farmer in Arizona, U.S.A. Mr. Hudson spent millions of dollars of his own money thoroughly researching what Ormus is, its effects and how to properly administer it. In the end it was concluded it was a re-discovered process used by the ancient alchemists as a multi-stage process to make the Philosopher's Stone. It is highly probable that the Ancient Egyptian Priestess Cleopatra and the Pharaohs used Ormus to enhance their brainpower. Scientific research has concluded that the Ormus elements appear to be superconductive more than they are biochemical.
Because Ormus is really a liquid that nourishes our super-light body, when taken, it delivers trillions of these monatomic particles to your subtle energy body, acting as a miniature acupuncture liquid,  restoring the proper flow to starved locations in your body, quickly restoring ease and well being, completing the correct energetic template necessary for future cellular regeneration. Because monatomic elements are superconductive, when they are ingested, they change the cellular portion of your light body into a charged superconductive conduit, connecting you to the source. The enhanced electrical output increases your electromagnetic field, giving you increased energy and awareness. When your light body has been properly nourished, unhealthy energy stagnations and blockages that have become established over the years are immediately removed.
Besides the mental benefits of enhanced mental alertness and well being, the physical benefits include; DNA repair, less pains, Anti-aging, energy booster, hair and nail growth, increased eye-hand coordination, less moodiness, meditation, and many more benefits.








The Mineral Indium
When scientific research was conducted on Ormus, researchers found that the active elements in Ormus are superconductive and that it is especially high in the mineral Indium.  Ormus is one of the very few substances you can receive an adequate supply of this important mineral. Indium is a rare and important necessary micro-mineral that supplies important nutrients to the 2 master hormone producing glands of the body. These are the pituitary and hypothalamus glands.  By keeping these master hormones supplies with adequate indium, the other hormone producing glands in the body are brought back into balance naturally.
What Role does Indium play in the Body?
Indium enhances the absorption of vital minerals in foods by the body. Short term benefits by users of Indium include: reduced need for sleep, increased energy and an enhanced sense of well being. When the hormonal system is functioning as it should, one feels rejuvenated, looks younger all without the need or desire for caffeine or other artificial stimulants.
Why are there other EBAY sellers offering Ormus so cheaply?
Making Ormus properly is a very time consuming and expensive process.  Do not be fooled by cheap diluted imitations that use multiple sea salts in one batch. It takes an enormous amount of preparation and effort to produce a true Ormus Product.
Our Original Hawaii Ormus is the only product mightyz offers that is Guaranteed to assay as containing the important ascension elements.  We prepare each batch with meticulous care and includes strict quality control by professional Ormus alchemists working diligently to provide the only Real Original Ormus Powder. Some Ebay sellers may try to win you with fancy words that have nothing to do with Ormus in its true form.
Listen to the advice: "If its too cheap, its probably a Cheap Product!!"


How Far does 1 bottle of Ormus go?  
If you used 5 drops of Ormus a day. (590 drops per bottle), than a 1oz bottle of Ormus would last you approximately 4 months. Most people will ingest Ormus for 30 to 40 days, than mix the remaining Ormus with water and water their plants and watch their plants grow bigger and turn a rich, deep leafy green.
Excess Ormus after the 40 day period is commonly used to heal skin wounds, fed to pets or diluted in water and used for watering the garden. You can also mix the Ormus with grape seed Oil and rub into sore and stiff joints to relive pain instantly.
How Much Ormus should I Take?
The recommended dosage is between 4 and 5 drops a day three days in a row with a 3 to 5 day break in-between.  As your body gets used to higher dosages of Ormus, it is than taken according to what your body's intuition tells you.
How is my Ormus Shipped?
Each batch of freshly made Ormus is shipped in a tamper proof glass dropper bottle from Hawaii Kai in the beautiful tropical isands of Hawaii, via First Class U.S. Mail with tracking included.
Is there a Guarantee?
All batches of Hawaii Ormus come with a 100% quality freshness guarantee. If you don't experience the results as stated, than return the bottle(s) for a complete refund with no questions asked.
What are the Effects on the Mind After taking Ormus?
Ormus assists in promoting mental clarity, concentration and focus.  The most commonly reported effect is heightened states of awareness and consciousness opening them to new ways of being. Many users report feelings of pure clear energy flowing through their body's chakras.
Who uses Hawaii Ormus?
Many of my satisfied clients include film celebrities, Naturopaths, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Herbalists and Alternative Health


What does Original Hawaii Ormus represent?




What will I Experience after taking Original Hawaii Ormus?

According to Ormus researcher David Hudson, ORMUS allows a person to connect with non-physical reality by allowing access to the zero point.

If you Pray, Meditate or like Relaxation;

Ormus offers a unique and superior calm during Prayer/Meditation/Relaxation.

If you want a stronger Immune System;

Ormus relaxes an overloaded Immune system for complete systemic support.

If you want to experience rejuvenation;

Ormus replenishes and rejuvenates cells at the Molecular Level.  Experience a reversal of aged and worn out  cells.

If you want an Emotional Balance of Internal Organs;

Ormus works Monatomically with your Heart the Solar Plexus and Alta Major Chakra.

If you want to feel grounded;
Ormus has a strong vibrational resonance for creating complete Earth Mind Balance.


Using Ormus for Vision Quests
One of the unique ways to use Ormus is to spend 2 or 3 days in a remote area while taking Ormus. This is one of the best ways to receive clear answers to solutions or get answers to questions you have been seeking because the Ormus speeds up the communication with nature around you.


Ormus made by an Experienced Alchemist
After selling Ormus to people in Hawaii for 2 years and moving to Hawaii to open a larger facility, I started selling Ormus on Etsy.  Original Hawaii Ormus has been selling on my Etsy shop for the past 3 years, all with 100% satisfied customers.  Due to our 2015 / 2016 expansion plan, we are now selling Original Hawaii Ormus on E-bay and
Why the Wet version of Ormus does not Cause Addition
Unlike the monatomic gold powder Ormus tablets, which have resulted in some people becoming addicted to them, I produce Ormus using the preferred wet method.  This allows for quicker absorption into the body, as you hold the Ormus under your tongue.
Each step is methodically followed using the Alchemical Wet Sea Methods. Maximum freshness and purity are made possible by making each batch in a crystal singing bowl. Each batch is triple filtered to remove all contaminants and impurities. The batch is than carefully rinsed with fresh mountain spring water from a remote pristine California Spring and than boiled to remove the last of impurities.

How Your Batch of Hawaii Ormus is Made
Each batch is painstakingly made according to the original instructions passed down from generation to generation by master alchemists.  Each batch of Original Hawaii Ormus is created on the night of the last full moon in a pristine mountain forest situated on an ancient volcanic mountain full of cool pristine clear mountain air overlooking the Willamette River in Hawaii . Because the Ormus contains the celestial fire of the current zodiacal house the moon is in at the time it is made, I include the meaning of these elements with each purchase, allowing you a better connection to the Ormus.
Your Ormus is thoroughly rinsed and suspended in pristine filtered Spring water. It quickly raises your positive vibration and consciousness. This allows you to clearly recognize your unique connection to everyone and every living thing around you.

Location, Location, Location
When making Ormus, Volcanic regions are the preferred location to produce Ormus due to the high quality of abundant minerals in the soil and air.  I abide by the organic methods, make sure the space is sacred and use the freshest purist ingredients available. This allows for an end result of Ormus so pure and potent, that just 4 drops are all that are necessary to obtain the benefits,  The popular Ormus supplement called Ormus Supergreens is also produced in the eastern United States in Arizona and Utah, due to the pristine air and nutrient rich volcanic soil.



How is Hawaii Ormus different from other brands?
Unlike most Ormus manufacturing facilities, my facility uses no electric fields during the manufacturing process.  This allows for a completely undisturbed biochemical reaction to take place resulting in a more potent and clearer experience.  Your Ormus is manufactured in a GMP compliant facility where I also manufacture my line of longevity herbal supplements.
The more pure and potent the Ormus, the more it allows users access to a heightened state of awareness and consciousness, much like the positive high vibration you receive when taking a hike in a pristine mountain forest. This access to a higher form of consciousness allows your mind to open to new ways of being not experienced by Ormus if Ormus is made improperly. Users of Ormus have reported increased sex drive, strength and stamina. Others have stated their physical pains vanished in mere minutes after using Ormus.

How Ormus Works
Our bodies are dependent upon the flow of electrons that superconductivity is made of. The more un-impeded this flow, the stronger and healthier we become. Foods work the same way.  Ormus allows the body to naturally conduct this bio-energy, thus making us a conduit with access to higher realms of energy contributing to overall well-being.
Master healers have taught that the 4D world of super-light exists in a 4th dimension holographic blue print. The 4th dimension rules time, which could explain why users of Ormus have increased pre-cognition (or the ability to see short term into the future). The 4th dimensional world is also known as the Angelic World. This gives rise to the walking 3D physical world that we all experience. The 4D world operates much like your computer's operating system. It functions by programming in the background the images you see displayed on your screen. This is the world our light body is governed by. By supplying your light body with the right nutrients, the benefits filter down into the 3D world. This is why you see energy healers using the term "Light Body Activation" and why Spiritual Healing has such fantastic results in healing the body instantly because it is accessing the light world. The Minerals in Original Hawaii Ormus are not only a nutrient for our physical body systems, but also supply important nutrients for our light body. This spiritual food allows our bodies to remain strong, healthy and awakened, all without artificial stimulants.
Our emotions are closely linked with the 4D light world, which is why some people can sense events from the future through their emotions before they occur.  If our light body happens to become energetically blocked, it causes a restriction in the conductivity of the super-light and if this block remains, it manifests as dis-ease or long term illness. I strongly believe this super-light is the same light experienced during the Emerald Tablets exercise covered in my book The Emerald Tablets: The Keys of Life and Death by Thoth the Atlantean, that causes the feelings of restoration to be experienced.
Ormus is suited to those seeking personal growth
Ormus is recommended for anyone wanting to open themselves to higher states of evolved consciousness and learning to listen to their intuition so they can practice self-healing techniques, a path to spiritual transformation or are wanting to experience a higher vibrational pattern aligned with positive planetary evolution.

The History of Ormus
Throughout history Ormus has been known by many names. These are: Manna, The Elixir of Life, White Powder Gold, Shew-Bread (The Bread of the Presence of God)  and the Elixir of Life.
The Ancient Alchemists believed there existed a higher order of reality that was kept hidden from us. This unseen reality constitutes the core basis of all spiritual truths.  Those seeking to see this truth must locate a way to access this higher level of perception. Quantum theory reveals that all matter is made up of particle like waves, which in turn consist of pure energy. This pure energy contains within it super conductive properties.
The art of Alchemy has been practiced since the time of Cleopatra. The Ancient Egyptians believed Alchemy was revealed to them through their God Thoth, who was also the author of the Emerald Tablets. I have written extensively about Table #13, called the Keys to Life and Death, which you can read more about in my book titled; The Emerald Tablets: The Keys of Life and Death by Thoth the Atlantean.
Because we as human beings are made of light bodies held in a lower density physical body; by taking substances that increase our light body such as Ormus, it allows us to build up our light body and perceive a higher order, making our lives function more on synchronicity and truth, which in turn gives our lives a solid foundation. This could be why Ormus relieves depression when used properly. This is why users of Ormus report increased Spiritual Perception, heightened psychic abilities, a stronger etheric as well as a stronger immune system.



It is believed that Ormus is one of the stages of the process in the making of the Philospher's Stone.   Researchers who have studied Ormus believe it has an electromagnetic pattern similar that is similar to the same pattern that energy flows when it is transmuted into matter.
Research physicists believe that as energy "condenses into matter", it starts by rotating in a clockwise fashion. As this rotating increases, it forms a vortex. The increased centrifugal force creates a rise in energy  and the circumference of the rotation becomes more compact. At a certain point, this compacted energy will reach an apex where upon it implodes within itself. From this implosion, a second stable vortex is formed that rotates  counterclockwise, descending and slowing down, creating time. As it slows its speed even further, it slows to a point where matter starts forming. The first stages include; the single atomic monatomic elements, followed by  more complex atomic states.


Use Original Hawaii Ormus to;
Awaken your spirit, body, and mind
Activate your pineal gland, astral projection, lucid dreaming and spiritual awakening!
Heightened senses, mental focus energy and more!
Revitalize and harmonize


 Users of Original Ormus report the following benefits;
 Spiritual benefits:
- Lucid dreaming and astral projection
- Connection to one's higher self
- Raised vibration
- A deeper more profound meditative state
- Strong and balanced chakras
- Awakens kundalini
- An activated Pineal Gland
- Increased awareness
- Higher states of consciousness
- Development of psychic abilities
- Increased intuition and precognition
- Feelings of connection/oneness to universal source
- Increased synchronicity
Physical benefits:
- Healing of acne, reduced pore size
- Rapid and visible anti-aging results, such as diminished wrinkles and improved skin tone and glow
- Hair returned to natural color
- Natural Weight loss via increased metabolism
- Heightened senses
- Stronger stamina
- Rapid healing of injuries
- Feeling rejuvenated
- Heightened energy
- A much more decreased need for sleep
- Stronger, faster growing nails and glowing hair
- Radiant Glowing skin
Mental benefits:
- Clearer thinking
- Stronger memory with accelerated learning capabilities
- Reduced depression, stress and anxiety
- Users have reported cases of alleviation of;  Alzheimers, ADHD and bipolar disorder
- Balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain
- Decalcifies the Pineal Gland
- Emotionally uplifting
- Enhanced feelings of euphoria, bliss, peace and overall wellness
and much more….
Additional Benefits of Ormus include:

Improved Memory and Clarity
Lucid Dreams
Anti Aging, Life Longevity
Improved Sexual Aspects
Honolulu, Hawaii
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The Mightyz company recommends using Original Hawaii Ormus in the proper ratio as shown in the included instructions, which have been known for thousands of years, for those interested in seeking access to their higher self.

Because Ormus is only good for 40 days if you want to ingest it, I take freshness and quality very seriously. After all I have been supplying herbal formulas and aromatherapy blends for the last 7 years to my many satisfied and pleased customers all over the globe with over 9,000 orders successfully processed to date. Each batch of Ormus is made fresh, guaranteed to be less than 1 week old when shipped. After the 40 day period, Ormus can be used for the skin and for topical uses.  While you can ingest Ormus after the 40 day period, the effects won't be felt as strongly compared to when the Ormus is made fresh.


I take Safety and Security Seriously. Besides taking extra care and making Ormus according to the proper procedure, each bottle of Original Hawaii Ormus includes a safety seal and dropper tip with instructions.  You also receive a complete instruction sheet on how to properly administer Ormus, the correct dosages to take and how to store your Ormus.  For your privacy, your Ormus is shipped in a plain discreet package.



The Mightyz Guarantee

Original Hawaii Ormus is guaranteed to contain a blend of 76 minerals and trace elements and is guaranteed to increase your alpha brain wave production by enhanced electromagnetic signals  that harmonize both hemispheres of your brain. It is guaranteed to positively affect your bioelectric patterns that provide signals to the brain.


Each batch of Ormus is created under and charged by the light of the full moon of every month.


Mightyz guarantees to be the original and most powerful Ormus on the market anywhere.


Please contact me if you have any questions about Original Hawaii Ormus.
No longer is Ormus only restricted to High Priests or Priestess.Currently I am the only supplier of Original Hawaii Ormus in the United States.

All information on this website is strictly provided for informational purposes only. The information should not be used to personally treat or self-diagnose or any medical condition or disease nor to prescribe any medication. If you find that you have a medical condition, than you are urged to contact your health care provider. The statements on this website have not necessarily been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  They are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

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