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What is Ormus and how does it Work?

Using Ormus to Relieve Sunburn

Using Ormus to Relieve Toothache
Ormus for Strong Bones and Healing Broken Bones

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How to Make Your Own Ormus

From personal experience on using to Heal Wounds I would like to share 2 experiences. Once I was mountain biking without a helmet and landed directly on my head, which caused a mini fracture in my neck. When I returned home, I added peppermint oil to some Ormus in a 2:1 ratio, rubbing it into my neck area. In 2 days I could freely move my neck again and in 10 days the pain and swelling had completely subsided. Using Ormus for cartilage healing shows it to be a remarkable substance to heal bones and fractures naturally. It can be easily applied to aid in broken bones healing by mixing with grapeseed oil or peppermint oil and rubbing into the affected area. You can use for other areas of pain in the body as well, such as a sore neck, sore armpits, tail bone ache or general bone aches associated with extreme physical activity that results in muscle fatigue and soreness, to aid quick recovery. Nothing else exists on the market today that can remedy pain quickly and naturally after an injury. Hawaiian Ormus is made from the cleanest seawater on earth.

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