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NEW! Our newest addition! Hawaiian First Aid
Mightyz is now making one of the worlds best 100% all natural non-toxic first aid liquids.

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Honolulu Star Advertiser. June 29th - Report puts isle beaches in Top 4 for Clean Water.





Due to the low demand, Mightyz has ceased selling Ormus on this site.  My book: Living Healthy Beyond 120, A Centurion's Plan for Longevity has excellent instructions on making Ormus as well as how to properly administer it.




Ormus is a miracle worker for relief of pains and aches when it comes to being pregnant. Ormus seems to work best during the later stages of pregnancy, especially between pregnancy week 15 and pregnancy 20 weeks (third trimester pregnancy). Some of the most common pains associated with pregnancy include fatigue, toothaches during pregnancy, labor pain, cramping during pregnancy and various sorts of pain during pregnancy. The miracle about Ormus is that because it is 100% non-toxic and natural, it is safe for you and your baby. The recommended dosage is to start out with 1/2 dropper full in 1 cup of water every 2 days and than add more or less, listening to your body's intuitive needs. It has been shown that pregnancy aches such as an aching pelvis, tail bone ache, aching kidneys, sore neck and more can be remedied by using pure Ormus.

As shown in this Ormus testimonial.

Nothing else exists on the market today that can remedy pain quickly and naturally during the later parts of pregnancy. Hawaiian Ormus is made from the cleanest seawater on earth. Get yours now in 8oz or a 1 gallon size by clicking here to order.


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