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Another discovery of Ormus is as a remedy for burns and natural relief from sunburn. The healing action resulting from sunburn blistering or peeling goes to work in minutes after applying Ormus to the sunburn. The results are accelerated even more when you add Aloe Vera. For sunburn it is one of the most natural alternatives to applying toxic chemicals to the skin. Ormus is 100% natural, safe and non-toxic, making it a great first aid for sunburn. For scratching, itching sunburn relief you won't find any better source than Oregon Made Ormus. Unlike monatomic gold which is much harder to apply to sunburn, Ormus quickly penetrates the skin repairing sunburn peel, relief of itchiness from sunburn. You won't find another natural sunburn treatment or remedy with the quality and non-toxibility that Ormus brings. Ormus is simply one of the best natural recipes for sunburn ever devised. Another interesting feature of Ormus is its ability to soothe the pain associated with burns. Many of you are looking for home remedies for burns. Ormus is a natural home remedy for sunburn that naturally heals burns fast. For burns, first aid treatment with Ormus is what every household should have in their medicine cabinet.

For wounds healing occurs faster and scar tissue heals earlier when Ormus is applied. Ormus heals wounds faster, if not better than many over the counter artificially produced prescription medications or drugstore topical antiseptic. In summary, Ormus makes one of the best natural cures skin healing and health available today. Mix Ormus with Peppermint Oil or Grapeseed Oil or Olive Oil and use it as a 100% natural non-toxic treatment for strains and sprains. Because it is naturally healing you don't get the side effects associated with using over the counter antiseptic which can include high blood pressure or other side effects. Unlike some brands, which can stain clothing, Ormus will not stain the clothing when applied to first aid wounds. Wounds heal fast, without or a reduced visible scaring. You can also make Ormus at home if you are looking for home remedies for skin or wounds. For overall lasting natural health, whether you are seeking how to heal a cut or how to heal skin or just want your wounds to heal fast, Ormus is your overall answer.









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