Medical Science is just starting to realize that all disease starts in the colon and that a large percentage of our immune system is based in our stomach.  When we have a colon free of years of build up and a strong digestive system, it only makes sense that our immune system becomes stronger to combat disease and illness.  This formula is one of the best I have come across and is a mild laxative, so it should be used once every 3 days. I personally have found it a miracle cure for an upset stomach by adding just 8 drops to 1 cup of spring water. It also is an amazing formula to use to help get rid of constipation instantly.

How to Properly Prepare the St. Germain Formula

This formula involves subjecting the Senna to a high potassium compound, which is than dried out over a low flame/heat.  This is a key part of the process and improves the results of the herbal combination significantly. The Ingredients are as follows: 

3 Parts Senna

Just under 1 part Cream of Tarter

Just over 1.5 Parts Elderberry

1 Part Crushed Fennel Seed

0.5 Parts Star Ansie (use the actual star, as the seed does not make as fine a powder).

Grind up herbs and if you want a fine powder, than after crushing in the mortar and pestle run the crushed herbs through a fine sieve over a paper plate or plastic bag to collect the fine powder.

Next on a copper sheet place the crushed Senna herb.

Next using a fine mist of spring water from a hand trigger mist sprayer lightly spray the surface of the senna herb until it is moist. You can also the top of a salt and pepper shaker to lightly apply the water until the senna is moist.

Next using the end of a salt or pepper shaker, place the powdered cream of tarter and gently shake the salt and pepper lid with the cream and tarter over the most senna until it is evenly covered.

Now wait until the cream of tarter has turned a mid yellow color before you start the drying process.

Next take the copper sheet and place over a burning candle, lamp or low burning flame. 

Now by avoiding the senna smoking, and at a low heat gently dry out the senna using the low heat. Once it has dried, place the almost dry senna back in the mortar and pestle and lightly re-pulverize gently to make into a fine powder. You may have to repeat this process by crushing, than placing back on the copper sheet to re-dry some more until the final powder has been achieved.

Next combine all ingredients with the newly treated senna powder and bottle. 

Take once every 3 days.

The St Germain formula is one of the very best intentional detoxer formulas I've ever seen . It moistens the intestine and lucubrates the intestines and clears out the colon. Excellent when combined a grapefruit or pomelo fast/detox. Because the formula can have laxative type effects, I take the SOD mix the following morning or 6 hours after taking the St. Germain Mix

Enhanced St. Germain Formula

Here are the results of an enhanced st. Germain Formula I made:

1 part Ansie, equal parts of Cumin Seed with the original formula of St. Germain, a pinch of Ginger and a small amount of the Jiaogulan herb. This formula was so strong that it had runny laxative effects for 12 hours. I took SOD mix the following morning to help re-tighten the intestines. But on the other hand it was a powerful detoxer and I felt very energetic and "clean" as I am sure many toxins were removed with this ramped up formula. I advise only using this formula when you want a strong internal detox and be sure to have SOD or similar stool strengthener that you can take the following morning.


One of the best ways to create a more effective formula is to combine Zeolite with the St. Germain Formula. This is because as the Zeolite detoxes the body, it also detoxes the digestive system.  When this occurs, the St. Germain Formula works in synergy with the Zeolite, clearing out the colon and adding healthy moisture to the digestive system, thus enhancing health and well being considerably. I have found the best results are 10 parts Zeolite to 1 Part St. Germain Formula.

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