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Return Your Body to the Energy it had when you were in your 20's


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This book is an accumulation of years of research study by The Institute for Solar Studies on Human Behavior and Health. Written by Institute Director Scott Rauvers, it teaches you how the energy released from solar flares are responsible for some diseases and illness. It Includes exercises and the types of foods to eat to counteract the mood swings, diseases and allergies caused by these high energies. You can also use this rare and unique information to increase your wealth and boost athletic endurance.

Interpret the biblical meanings behind the sun and how it is used to create miracles. Includes the code of how Jesus used the different energies of the sun to perform miracles. The closest most of us have come to witnessing miracles from the sun is through the art of sun gazing, this book goes deeper, teaching you much more.

Extreme athletes can especially benefit by using the sun to strengthen their endurance and the elderly can benefit by knowing the danger periods.

Pages: 320


Chapter 1 - Introduction. The 5 Main Condition Colors. The 4 Main Active Cycles of Our Sun. Using the Conditions in Daily Life. The Condition Colors Described in Detail.

Chapter 2 - The Types of Energies Emitted by Our Sun - The Sigmoidal Connection To Our Sun and Our Body, What is the Sun's Solar Flux? The Theory of Energy Coming from the Sun. Observations in the Environment of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity. Understanding the Principals that Create Faith.

Chapter 3 - How to Use The Sun For Health, Disease Prevention and Prosperity - The Effects of Foods and a Higher Solar Flux. Using the Sun To Stimulate the Body. Your Body's Cycle of Digestion in Relation to Time of Day. How to Smoothly Transition The Return of Your Immune System in February/March. Sunspots and Their Effect on the Stock Market, Innovation and Technology. The Humidity Factor. Using the Microbes of Prebiotics to Boost Health Naturally. Removing Toxins Quickly From the Body To Recharge the Body For The Coming Year. The Miracle of Naringin. Miracles and DNA.

Chapter 4 - Using The Sun to Fuel the Power of Intention - How Intention Uses The Sun to Fuel Innovation and Technology. Intentions and Events. Peak Periods to Exercise Your Intentions. The Power of Intention and Our Sun. What Can We Use This Intention For?.

Chapter 5 - The Solar Flare Cycle and It’s Destructive Effects Upon the Environment - The Effects of Sunspots on Biological Organisms. How Solar Weather Affects the Immune System. Worldwide Pandemics and Their Relation to Peak Sunspot Cycles.. Short Term Bursts of Solar Radiation and Human Health. How to Predict Killer Bacteria Events.

Chapter 6 - Telluric Current Explained - The Amazing Telluric Current. Telluric Current and Mechanical Failures. How to Tap Telluric Current. The Moon and Telluric Current. The Telluric Current Flow. Artificial Generation of Telluric Current. The Electrostatic Field and the Moon. Using The Moon for Health. How to Make Your Own Magnetic Water.

Chapter 7 - Magnetic Forces and Human Health - Magnetic Fields and Health. Types of Magnetic Polarity and Their Effects on the Body. The Power of North/South Alignments. Negative Polarization and Associated Health Benefits. Alternating Conduits of Energy in the Body.

Chapter 8 -Deciphering The Numbers 3, 4, 8 and 11 - The Number 3. The Number 4. The Number 8. The Number 11.

Chapter 9 -Using the Photons of Light to Heal - The 280 NM Light Wave Spectrum of Light - How the UVB Spectrum Breeds New Life. Where To Get Adequate 280nm Light waves. UV Levels according to Time of Day. Locations of Medium Wave Ultraviolet.

Chapter 10 -How Upper Atmospheric Conditions Affect Health - The Berg Timer Method. What Is The Ionosphere?. How Ionization Affects Living Organisms.

Scientific References and Published Papers on Solar Flares and Health

Use this rare and unique information to increase your finances and instantly bring prosperity into your life. Interpret the biblical meanings behind the sun and how it is used to create miracles. Know the meanings of the Sun's Infrared X-Ray energies and how to heal with them. Includes the code of how Jesus used the different periods of the sun to perform miracles. Based upon years of scientific study at the Institute For Solar Studies on Human Behavior and Health. The closest most of us have come to witnessing miracles from the sun is through the art of sun gazing, this book goes 1 step further teaching you how to use the sun to manifest miracles, accelerate healing and much more.

Use this information if you are elderly, an extreme athlete or work on a field that deals with in person to person contact such as live musicians, television host, sales or seminar training, publishes live content, or new diagnosed with an incurable Illness. Extreme athletes can especially benefit by using the sun to strengthen their endurance and know ahead of time the danger periods that cause premature fatigue.

A new science emerging, one that is using methods of prevention and don't cost a fortune. When you know when disease is occurring at the sub-molecular level, prevention is the antidote. This new science uses the energies of the sun based on solar flares and the cycle. A solar flare is a coronal mass ejection of high speed particles emitted by our sun. A geomagnetic storm that releases geomagnetic energy usually occurs a few days afterwards. This is measured in units called the KP Index or KP Values. During a solar storm, the Intensity of the solar flares are measured in C Class or M Class values. You can get these values in real time from the many solar news pages online that specialize in solar weather forecasts.

The Institute for Solar Studies on Human Behavior and Health shows research documenting that these energetic explosions emitted by the sun have energy to heal and help create our reality. A good example of solar health and solar healing is in the new emerging science called sun gazing. This is where you look directly into the sun the last 20 minutes before sunset and the first 20 minutes after sunrise when the sun is close to the horizon.

Just as the solar healing process uses sun gazing to heal the body, we have discovered the right spectrums of frequencies that heal and restore health to the body's Immune System.

At the Institute For Solar Studies on Human Behavior and Health, we have discovered the Immune System is most at risk during these flare periods, causing allergies and mood swings. We also have discovered that the solar wind is influencing the pituitary gland, creating both restoration on the body via HGH, also known as human growth hormone, and at high solar wind speeds it causes destruction. By using the Infrared Spectrum of light contained in these X-Rays, we also give you the necessary tools for self-healing and positive transformation. This is an all-natural healing process coming from within.

The most powerful solar flare ever recorded occurred in June, 2012, which was an M7 Class Solar Flare. This recent solar flare created a huge ionization of our upper atmosphere, causing the aurora borealis to be seen as far south as Texas. As of July 4th, we are in Solar Cycle number 24, a period of increasing sunspot activity. Expect many more solar storm warnings in the months ahead. Solar activity will then begin to decline around 2013.

Much of the data and readings of the sun’s energies are credited to Dr . Carrington, a famous solar astronomer who lived in the mid 1800’s and is well known for his work studying the solar cycle and the many energetic explosions associated with solar flare storms. During a solar eruption another interesting thing occurs, high speed energetic particles, known as the solar wind, "buckle" and "bend" the protective magnetic sheath of energy of earth's north and south poles. This causes the geomagnetic storm we all experience, and which can damage pipelines and electrical transformers. There is a unit of energy known as X-Ray Background radiation, and exists in the far infrared portion of sunlight. This energy increases when the prominences released by the solar flare energies cause a buildup of light, which is high in these gamma rays.

The published book by The Institute and available on, shows how you can avoid illness and disease by interpreting the different levels of background X-Ray Radiation being emitted by our sun. These proven techniques come from years of scientific research and observations.




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