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Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster

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The Story of Scott's SOD Booster

In 2008, while in San Jose, California and selling Scott's Hawaiian 4 in 1, Scott set out on a quest to research the root causes of aging. Being a former student of Gerontology(Gerontology studies what causes aging) and Sociology at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, Scott was surprised at the rapid advances being made in nutritional anti-aging medicine and prevention within the last few years.

Scott especially studied the diets of Mr.Zaro Agha who allegedly lived to 157 years, and Mr.Li Ching-Yuen who allegedly lived to 256 years of age. Documented scientific evidence showed that the reason these people lived to extremely advanced ages and were in excellent health, was due to them having high levels of a special bacterial enzyme called SuperoxideDismutase, which also happened to be at high levels in some of the world’s longest living animals. They also discovered that a positive mental attitude contributed to their longevity.

While in Hawaii, Scott started studies in Chronobiology, which examines periodic (cyclic)phenomena in living organisms and their adaptation to solar and lunar-related rhythms. His research revealed that specific cycles of the sun emitted higher levels of x-ray background radiation that contributed to illness in people whose immune system was weak or under large amounts of stress, such as the elderly or extreme athletes. This discovery accidentally occurred when Scott discovered that he became more fatigued than usual when solar activity reached extremely high levels. After confirming this with other people, a pattern was discovered that led to a predictive formula being written based on the work of AL. Tchijevsky, a Russian professor of Astronomy and Biological Physics.

After much experimenting and aiming for the perfect formulation that would boost the SOD enzyme naturally in the body, it was accidentally discovered that a combination of Brewer's Yeast and special Chinese super herbs mixed together, gave the body a significant long term boost of energy to the body, without resulting in a "sugar crash", thus causing the SOD enzyme to naturally raise itself in the body. Thus a herbal formula consisting of herbs that helped the body produce this enzyme naturally from herbs was born and named "Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster."

After 3 years of research into anti-aging herbal formulas, the final SOD enzyme boosting formula was complete. Superoxide Dismutase is now recognized as the ultimate method to off-set the negative effects associated with aging and restore your body to energy and vitality levels it had when you were in your mid to late 20's. The effects after taking this combination include immediate elevated levels of energy, a clearer state of mind, and a significant reduction in fatigue. You can learn more about Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster by visiting this page.

Scott currently resides in Topanga CA, where he continues to write and practice the new science of eco-biochemistry.

Thank You for reading the story of how Scott's 4 in 1 came into being and I wish you much health, harmony and well-being in your future pursuit for natural anti-aging techniques and wellness.






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