New Millennium Millionaire Secrets to Fortune, Prosperity and Happiness

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People spend entire lives searching for ways to acquire tremendous wealth. They seek external resources thinking it will give them what they want. Ultimately they become disappointed when their dreams don't turn out the way they planned never acquiring the riches they aspired to. In their disappointment they discover that all sense of self-worth was lost in the process. Others choose to become incredibly wealthy at the expense of family, friends and spiritual health. New Millennium Millionaire Secrets to Fortune, Prosperity and Happiness creates the necessary “soul currency” to tap into the divine force in our lives. Scott's own example as an entrepreneur shows practical, straight forward ready-to-implement principles for the new millennium.

Lucid Dreaming bridges the material world of finance and the invisible worlds of Spirit. This opens the gate allowing abundance to come to us and flow through us. When one learns to tap into the creative force of soul currency they immediately experience unprecedented satisfaction, abundance and fulfillment. You were born to become empowered, resourceful and enjoy a meaningful life through greater flexibility, greater abundance, greater prosperity and personal fulfillment. If you look at a $1 bill you will find it says "In God we Trust". Whoever designed the engraving plates for the U.S $1 bill must have acknowledged that the true source from which all abundance and prosperity flows from is coming from a divine source. To feel the divine flow immediately, recognize it, acknowledge it and be open to receiving it. You will then experience the flow from which not only money and ideas flow from, but also the source from which healing comes from.

New Millennium Millionaire Secrets to Fortune, Prosperity and Happiness is a guide offering an approach to achieving both financial and spiritual wealth. Take a journey on a path towards personal enlightenment and learn how to create wealth without sacrificing mind, body or spirit.

In a day-to-day strategy, readers of this book will learn six important keys:

-- Why Erroneous beliefs cause Self-Sabotage. Learn how to reprogram your beliefs to make more room for abundance.

-- The 3 Fold Stage of Money Manifestation. Ask, Believe, Receive. Only by changing perspective will you know when you have "enough."

-- Mantras and Affirmations that Attract Wealth and Prosperity. Just as mind affects matter, mind over money begins with believing that you actually deserve it and can get it.

-- Opening the Floodgates to Prosperity and Abundance. Create your own perfect "wealth storm" and learn to ride the waves as money flows your way. Persistence and Patience are key.

--How to Budget. Why Saving Attracts Feelings of Prosperity. Money is a game. Keeping score is a matter of knowing how well you're doing while performing the steps.

-- How to Break out of the Cycle of Poverty. You can wait for your ship to come in, but if you don't send any ships out, you will be waiting forever.

How we think about ourselves greatly influences our successes & failures in life. New Millennium Millionaire Secrets to Fortune, Prosperity and Happiness is no ordinary "self-help" book, but is a modern guide offering complete peace of mind to help anyone build solid financial muscles and a successful, stress-free life. New Millennium Millionaire Secrets to Fortune, Prosperity and Happiness teaches you about yourself. It contains all the tools and insights you'll ever need to make immediate positive and lasting changes in the way you think by teaching you the secrets of eliminating barriers of thought and changing behavior, while becoming a better communicator with your subconscious.

Release Date: June 2016

Total Number of Pages: 285



Influence and inspiration between dreams
and creativity in members of dream groups.
A controlled study.

Intention behaves like electricity


The polarity of money

Using conscious effort to achieve get
rapid results


Chapter 1 - Inventors and Artists who use Lucid Dreaming

How dreams have inspired writers


How dreams have inspired musicians

Improved sports performance
and lucid dreaming

Lottery winners who dreamed their

winning numbers


A simple dream interpretation technique

Chapter 2 - The One Command Theta Exercise

Chapter 3 - Techniques for Effortless Prosperity

Chapter 4 - How Money Blocks are Formed


Emperor Theodosius and how his
philosophy contributed to prosperity blocks


How to use visualization to
manifest your desires


What is visualization?

Visualization tips


The fold stage of money

Ask, Believe, Receive

How to tap into the wisdom and
guidance from experts

How to make a dream map


Making a wish box

Learning to detach and let go


Learning to relax


Chapter 5 - How to Overcome Self-Sabotage on your way to Financial Success



Notes on Increasing The Capacity to Receive


Where self-sabotaging thoughts
come from

Why Self-Sabotage is Subconscious

Taming the Inner Critic


Chapter 6 - The flow of Abundance is all around you

How learning to nurture oneself is
key to experiencing the flow

Nurturing in advance


Chapter 7 - Techniques that Open the Flow to Receive


Do not let your possessions
own you


The power of expectation




Why flexible goal setting achieves
better results


Obstacles as a tool to create strength

Allow for flexibility in your goal setting


Cleansing the money you receive


Chapter 8 - Making the most of the Energies of Abundance


The flow of abundance consists of


Choosing the best days of the Week
for Maximum Productivity and Prosperity

How to Find the best days for
Important Meetings

How to find the best days to unveil new
programs and initiatives

The best time s to respond to e-mails


Chapter 9 - Learning to Connect with Intuition


How to use biorhythms to become a
master at anything


The primary biorhythms

Trusting in your intuition. the true key
to monetary advancement


How to Access Your Intuition

A Simple Technique For Making The Right
Decision Quickly



Chapter 10 - Why do the Wealthy have Higher Suicide Rates?


Why people who are smarter don’t
live longer

What is conscientiousness?


Why comparing yourself to others leads to
feelings of inadequacy


How Thoughts Create Your Reality


Chapter 11 - How Self-Worth = Earning Ability


Why trying to build self-worth through
money doesn’t work


Why is self-worth connected to earnings?


situations that destroy self-worth


Steps to improving self worth


Fear of succeeding. fear of failure


How to avoid becoming enslaved and
paralyzed by fear


Three techniques that relieve fear


Empowering your brainstem


Thoughts of lack always consist of


Affirmations for self esteem

Immediate Buddhist blessings chant


How to change worry energy into
productive energy

Do perceptions forever create our reality?


How to transform negative perceptions


Chapter 12 - Opening the Floodgates to Prosperity and Abundance

A thought magnetization exercise


Chapter 13 - How to Break out of the Cycle of Poverty. Advanced techniques


Why excess wealth leads to blessings

How having more wealth increases the
quality of life for all


How to remove artist money blocks

How money inspires

Why a personal decision to increase
your income is key


Chapter 14 - Strategies and Techniques for Breaking Free of Chronic Homelessness


What is resilience?


What do psychologists say about


What good can resilience offer me?

The transition out of chronic
homelessness and poverty always
follows these stages

How much do I believe in myself?

During the good times

How do I develop resiliency?


simple steps to resiliency


Chapter 15 - How to Reprogram Negative Inner Chatter


Negative inner self talk


How to talk back to your inner critic

Additional tips to disarming the
inner critic


Criticism and how to respond to it


How to handle unhealthy criticism


How to generate self compassion

Breaking out of the perfectionism–
procrastination infinite loop

Feelings of wealth

How to exit the “just getting by lifestyle”


How to transform feelings of poverty

How to use tithing to receive

How to removing the fear of tithing

Who should I give to?

How thoughts of lack and being broke
attract more of the same

Money and relationships


Why struggle creates more of the same


How to budget to increase feelings
of abundance

Why saving attracts feelings of prosperity

The Marshmallow Experiment

How to live frugally without shame or guilt

How to handle difficult people or events


A secret technique to immediately
diffuse a fight


Frustration is an opportunity
for personal growth

How to forgive

How to bless

How to Tame fear

How to eliminate hate

Those who condone others will always be kept in debt.

How to transform fear into a creative
force for good


Chapter 16 - Mantras and Affirmations that Attract Wealth and Prosperity

The abundance prayer

Magnifying the results of the
abundance prayer


Chinese gods and goddesses

Celtic gods of wealth


West African gods of wealth

Creating a divine altar

How to surrender as a means for

How to connect to the source of

Prosperity and abundance prayers

A prayer to dissolve a lawsuit

A prayer to write well

You are made in the image of


Warding yourself away from future danger


How to use your beliefs to increase your talents


The law of supply and increase


A simple gratitude technique

Why showing appreciation for
blessings grants you access to the flow

Vibration and wealth


How to manage excess amounts
of income

Larger requests require more power

How to use the emotional freedom
technique to attract Abundance and wealth

EFT tapping for money exercise

EFT to become open to receiving

EFT to overcome perfection

The sources of wealth


Chapter 17 - Tapping wealth energy from the 60 year Chinese zodiac

Chapter 18 - The 60 year Chinese zodiac

A technique to stay successfully
self-employed - for the self employed

Why handing over your power to others
is a bad idea

Selling, as an example of connecting with
the flow

Making the decision to sell a business

A mind power technique for removing

Why the journey is the secret ingredient
to success

Early rise creates the rich and wise

How to invest without bondage


Chapter 19 - A Technique to Recharge Entrepreneurial Spirit


Chapter 20 - The wealth portal at Mount Canigou

Chapter 21 - What is creativity and how can I tap into it?


Creative people


The creative process simplified

Why the Unconscious Holds the Answers and our
Waking Consciousness Cannot Find the Answers

Original goals may change while
experiencing creativity

Special attention showered on groups
enhances worker output

How to effectively ignite the fire of
creativity within

Some methods to induce creativity

Creativity embraced as public opinion
changes over time

Routine artificial creativity

The ah ha moment of illumination

Creativity traits

Creativity peaks in middle age

Field dependence studies and creativity


Traits of highly creative people

Using analogy as a path to creativity

The conscious mind and creativity

The types of creativity

How to Make Your Business a Success

Seasonal cycles of methods that
generate wealth

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