How to Make RoseWater

When we smell a rose, it totally uplifts our spirits, invigorating and stimulating us.  Rosewater is one way to have roses on hand when roses are out of season, making them a great depression lifter, especially during winter. Here is a great way to make rosewater. First get a hold of rose petals.  You can find them at a local food co oop or some florists will have them laying around as scrap from making floral displays.

Place the rose petals in distilled water in a ratio of 2 parts distilled water to 1 part rose petals and apply gentle heat until they begin to slowly simmer.  Simmer for 4 to 5 minutes on low heat or when the petals start to loose their color the liquid is ready to strain. Next next the liquid with the run rose petals through a coffee filter or cheese cloth.  If don't do strain this liquid, the sprayers or mister bottles you put the liquid in will clog up after about 20 sprays.

Rosewater Extra Strength

One way to get a stronger/sweeter smelling Rose Water is to add a few drops of Rose Essential Oil after extracing the scent from the rose petals. The good thing about this formula, is that you can make your essential oil (which can be very expensive) go a lot further by mixing it with the original rose petals. Here is a formula to make extra Strength Rosewater.

1 cup of distilled water, 2.5 tablespoons of ever clear, 1/2 cup of rose petals and 10 drops of rose essential oil.

Place all the above ingredients in a glass bottle and shake daily for 1 week.  After 1 week strain the mixture through a cheese cloth or coffee filter. It is important that you use a sprayer with a thicker than average tip, as it may clog. You can also use laboratory grade filters to completely remove any leftover rose residue so your sprayer tip does not clog.

Expose the liquid to sunlight for 12 hours (optional).  Next bottle the liquid and enjoy!

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