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What is Superoxide Distmuase (also known as SOD?)

Superoxide Dismutase (also commonly called SOD), is associated with Catalase and is an enzyme that naturally occurs in the body and protects your body against active oxygen free radicals. Low levels of Superoxide Dismutase in your body will allow oxygen radicals to form in anaerobic bacteria and to inactivate other bacterial enzyme systems. As an enzyme, SOD has value as an antioxidant that can help to protect against cell destruction, one of the leading causes of aging. SOD decreases with age, making cells much more vulnerable to the oxidants which cause aging and disease. Research in the areas of inflammatory, hepatic, allergic, tumorigenic, metabolic, cardiovascular, vision, and neurological disorders indicate the supportive function of SOD in the prevention and alleviations of such symptoms. SOD is also important in many other aspects of health and longevity. SOD has fantastic benefits!

SOD also plays a role in the body's antioxidant system, by intervening in the very first transformation of cell destruction by disrupting the most reactive forms of oxygen known as the superoxide free radicals into ions that are less reactive; therefore the body's cells suffer less from "oxidative stress" that can lead to or promote health problems. Elevated levels of SOD are one of the keys to anti-aging and longevity. It protects against DNA strand breaks and possibly, the shortening of the DNA.

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How the Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme Works

Think of a scale from 1 to 10, consisting of the strongest natural antioxidants in nature available, with 10 being the strongest antioxidant. The antioxidant CQ10 would be about a 7 and Vitamin E would be about a 5 and the SOD enzyme/antioxidant would score a perfect 10, the most powerful free radical quenching antioxidant available. Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster is a specialized enhanced SOD Supplement based on 3 years of research in Hawaii and Southern California.  It not only raises SOD naturally it also helps keep the joints of the body lubricated while detoxifying and burning away unwanted fat. Recent medical conditions where SOD has been researched include Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoarthritis, Respiratory Disorders, Cancer and cancer treatments, Heart Disease & Cholesterol problems, Liver Fibrosis, Boosted production of T cells and prevention of T cell death. For the brain; Alzheimer's Disease & Parkinson's Disease, Cataracts & Retinal Ulcers and Age-Related Macular Degeneration.  While you can easily overdose on vitamins and antioxidants, you cannot overdose on SOD, it is perfectly safe in large amounts. The excess is naturally flushed out by your body's kidneys.

Another fascinating discovery made while researching the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme is that herbal compounds cannot be patented. Proper herbal mixtures will increase your SOD levels just as well, if not better than the manufactured forms of SOD available today such as Super Glisodin and Protandim what this means to a person seeking a genuine SOD booster is that because a manufactured form of SOD can be patented, they will also include elaborate and technical forms of research showing that your SOD levels will rise using the product, which may be true, however all this effort is put forth only as a way to make a huge profit, when in fact what a lot of these companies ignore is the fact that SOD levels can be increased the same way with the proper herbs or the proper type of exercise. Note: Combining exercise with an SOD mix boosts the results significantly. So in summary, don't be fooled into thinking that a manufactured SOD supplement is the only way to boost your SOD levels, because it's not.  Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster utilizes select super herbs such as Reishi Mushroom, FO TI and Jiaogulan that synergize with each another, creating a longer lasting Superoxide Dismutase effect. For a more in-depth review of the effects of the Synergized Ingredients
view the Superoxide Dismutase Research Fact Sheet


One of the key ways to verify that Superoxide Dismutase helps prevent aging, is to show that the same substances that protect against sunburn also promote the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme.

Vitamins C and E protect against sunburn.
Published Article:
Antioxidant effects of vitamins C and E are associated with altered activation of vascular NADPH oxidase and superoxide dismutase.

When you have adequate levels of Spirulina in your body, it helps protect you against sunburn. Spirulina is also the world's best source of the anti-oxidant powerhouse superoxide dismutase.
Natural News

Multiple studies have now been performed revealing that regular supplementation with Fermented Cod Liver Oil can reduce sun damage, in some cases as much as doubling a user’s resistance to sunburn
Hybrid Stamina

Why You Never Have to Wear Sunscreen Again - Published Article

Cod Liver Oil is high in Vitamin D
Vitamin D boots Superoxide Dismutase -
Reference Source

Virgin Coconut Oil Boosts SOD Levels - Reference Source

Additional Sources:
Coconut Oil as Sunscreen -

So in conclusion we can see that if we want to find the best natural foods that boost the Superoxide Dismutase enzyme in our bodies, we only need to find the best natural foods that naturally prevent sunburn.  These foods have also been linked to cavity prevention, especially cod liver oil.  So these foods incorporate a 3 fold level of protection by taking these foods.  Cavity Prevention, Sunburn Protection and Antioxidant Protection.

Openly Published Scientific Clinical Research Studies Have Shown SOD has the following Benefits:


Protects mitochondrial functions (boosts your energy)

Helps protect DNA & cellular health in humans under stress

Reduces oxidative stress in humans (better well-being)

Protects from radiation injury


Inhibits inflammatory neurodegenerative processes

Detoxifies cellular tissues

Reduces brain swelling after traumatic brain injury

Alzheimer's & Parkinson's applicable


Corneal Ulcers & Cataracts

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Enhances Retinal Health


Lowers inflammatory messenger by inducing IL-10



Reduces general inflammatory processes

Helps protect lung tissues from inflammation



Boosts production of T cells & inhibits T cell death

Helps raise natural antioxidant defense levels in humans



Reduces lactic acid build-up

Reduces swelling injury

Speeds recovery


Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster is the only orally effective, vegetarian capsule with added super herbs. It will increase your body's own circulating SOD levels just by oral ingestion alone. Your natural production of antioxidants catalase & GPX are also increased. Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster does not include wheat. The organic formulation process provides an oral formulation of SOD that naturally passes through the stomach, making it available for use by the body when it reaches the lower intestine (colon).


Why Synergized Ingredients?

Over the years repetitive farming of the soil, as well as genetically engineered crops have resulted in a loss of the most important vital nutrients found in fruits, plants and vegetables. These essential nutrients are essential for a healthy body. Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster combines special super herbs and spices scientifically proven to have synergistic effects when used together in the right ratios (the 2:1 rule). This creates a more rounded and complete mix that not only increases the outcome of the desired results, but achieves longer lasting benefits. The quality synergized formula also includes Bioperine, proven to boost nutrient absorption by up to 160%.  This means you don't have to pay more, because you can take less to achieve the desired results. 

Organic substitutes, while more nutritious than "gen foods" (genetically engineered foods) can cost up to 3 times as much as genetically engineered substitutes. Synergized ingredients on the other hand have the same, if not better health advantages than organic foods. Research has proven that genetically grown foods can lose up to 60% or more of their nutritional content after harvest, storage and other processing factors. This significantly degrades their health enhancing qualities considerably. With a synergized formula, you get consistent results without a loss of important nutrients, thus achieving significantly more stable results.


What makes Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster better than the standard SOD's out on the market today?

The difference is Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster is rich in the necessary trace elements Manganese (from Ginger) and Copper (from Brewer's Yeast), which are necessary for proper SOD production in the body. Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster also contains ingredients that maximize nutrient absorption such as Bioperine and the Pineapple enzyme Bromelain, all clinically proven to boost the absorption of vital nutrients. Bromelain also makes a powerful wrinkle remover. Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster is also high in natural Vitamin C from the specially selected herbs, which is a powerful immune system stimulant that is used by the body to fight infection and offers increased immunity to colds and other viruses. Most of all Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster contains the world renowned anti-aging super herbs, Jiaogulan (also called the immortality herb) and Fo TI (naturally rich in the anti-aging compounds zinc and resveratrol) as well as Cordyceps and Burdock Root. These special herbs when combined with the Amino Acids in Brewer's Yeast increase the absorption of resveratrol and other important anti-aging ingredients. These also synergize with each other to help rebuild the body's most vital areas such as muscles, skin, teeth and bones.

Natural Anti Aging herbs

Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster is exclusively made in the remote coastal town of Malibu, California, which is home to some the cleanest air and scenic beauty in all of Southern California, so you are getting a product free of contaminants such as smog, and other city airborne contaminates.  The prime location of manufacturing also significantly reduces the likelihood of undetected particles, which can cause side effects and ensures that the active nutrients are in perfect balance - exactly as nature intended them to be.




Do You use the Famed Herb Ginseng?

Although Ginseng is a powerful healing herb, Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster does not use Ginseng, but instead uses the herb Jiaogulan, which has not only been proven to be more powerful than Ginseng, but also serves as a natural sweetener.Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster also contains a broad spectrum of many beneficial necessary amino acids and fat burning herbs that also help lower cholesterol. The results from using Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster are fast and are seen quickly, compared to just taking regular SOD supplement without the amino acids and anti-aging herbs. Think of it as taking a supercharged SOD. If you are an official certified independent laboratory, Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster issues free samples for independent verification and testing to show the many health benefits associated with increased Superoxide Dismutase levels in the body.


How Does it Feel?

Within 20 minutes after taking Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster,  the body feels refreshed like you are breathing pure clean oxygen. After about 20 days this feeling lasts longer and a more commonplace everyday feeling of this occurs. This is because the cells in the body are removing damaging oxygen from the cells, damaging oxygen that contributes to aging, disease and fatigue. For a more detailed information on results of using Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster for over 20 days, watch the video below.




Can Children Safely Consume Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster?

SOD is at healthy levels until about age 10, when it starts to naturally decline, however most people don't feel the effects of aging until they are in their late 20's and early 30's, which is the best time to start re-boosting Superoxide Dismutase levels.


What about Side Effects?

The carefully selected herbs and spices and select amino acids are as natural and organic as possible. The super herbs that contain the SOD compounds are a class of herbs known as Adaptogenic Herbs. Research has shown that this special group of herbs can be safely taken in large dosages without any harmful side effects.


How Long Before I See Results?

Natural Super Antioxidant Herbal SOD Superoxide DismutaseResults are felt in about 20 minutes. After 20 days, your skin and complexion will look more "fresh" and younger looking. You physically begin to look and feel younger; this is because your body's SOD levels are at the same level they were when you were younger and in your prime youth. Your energy levels return to that of when you were in your prime youth and your fingernails and teeth become much more clearer looking and stronger. When taking Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster in combination with an effective raw food anti-aging diet, your body will look and feel younger even more, and you will start to obtain additional significant anti-aging benefits. Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster may be one of the most important antioxidant defense substances to become available; it will help your body to manufacture SOD and regulate internal SOD levels.

What Happens if I just let my SOD levels decline naturally with age?

By not having adequate SOD levels in the body, you become prone to the negative effects associated with aging. This means less mitochondrial function in the cells (more fatigue), DNA & cellular degradation and continued oxidative stress continue to erode the body. As your body ages it needs a method of regular detoxing to assist in protection from Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis. Also an aging body needs strong T-cells to maintain a healthy immune system. SOD is a scientifically proven enzyme that will naturally raise your body's SOD levels to that when you were in your peak youth, assisting your body to fight the diseases and other illness associated with growing older. It is much more convenient than the HGH anti-aging hormone, in that it does not require a doctor's prescription and does not need to be taken regularly.  (Genuine HGH requires a doctor's prescription.) Once you regain your youthful SOD levels, it takes up to 20 days for them to drop back down.  With the HGH hormone you need to take it daily, and sometimes up to 3 times a day.  With SOD only 2 capsules a day are all your body needs and it is made up of 97% natural herbs.

Low Levels of SOD have been found in many cancers. "It is shown how diminished enzyme activities along with radical production may lead to many of the observed properties of cancer cells. The apparent exploitation of the differences between normal and cancer cell superoxide dismutase activity in the treatment of cancer is discussed."
U.S. Library of Medicine

When your SOD Levels are at healthy levels, it has also been shown to prevent cancer. "According to Journal of Translational Medicine, SOD is an important antioxidant. It not only rejuvenates skin to prevent wrinkles, but also checks the onset of cancer by preventing precancerous cells from becoming aggressive"

Superoxide Dismutase is so new, where is the Proof that it Extends Lifespan or Make Me Feel Younger?

SOD has a proven track record dating back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Historical Medical Research shows that people who ate foods high in Dismutase (also commonly called SOD) regularly lived over 100 years without disease or illness. Examples are Mr. Li Chang-Yun of China (who ate lots of FO TI and Goji Berry, natural foods high in SOD) and the people of a remote province in China who drank Jiaogulan (herb high in SOD properties) and regularly lived to over 100 years of age. Other examples in nature include the Rougheye Rockfish.

Rockfish SOD Superoxide DismutaseThe Extraordinary Anti-Aging Properties of the Pacific Rockfish:

Scientists have discovered a species of fish called the  Rougheye Rockfish. They have found them at 200 years old, due to their unique ability to manufacture the enzyme Superoxide Dismutase naturally in their body. Scientists are yet to uncover as to exactly how long they live. Due to their extremely long lived life span, none have been around in captivity long enough to document their true lifespan, as they regularly outlive their research counterparts.  Reference: Google Search = Rockfish + 200 years.


View our in-depth research study of the ingredients of Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster by visiting our in-depth page

What does it Taste Like?

Hawaiian Raw Superoxide Dismutase has a warm, smooth taste, mainly due to the presence of Ginger, however if taking the capsules, there is no taste. Included with your purchase comes a brief summary about the herbs contained in Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster, their anti-aging benefits and how they synergize with each other to create a more rounded and complete mix.  It also includes a simple explanation of what Super Dismutase is and how the latest research is showing that it is one of the most promising anti-aging methods available today.

Directions: Take between 2 and 3 capsules daily. Additional supplementation can be taken for any of the strains on the body's natural defense system: convalescence, intense exposure to the sun or ultra-violet rays, stress or intense physical exercise (after a sport competition or for people practicing sport occasionally). For long-term support of your immune system, and for free radical protection. Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster can also be used on a permanent basis. Store in a cool dry place. Do not store in a refrigerator or areas of elevated moisture. Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster comes in a tamper proof sealed container. Click the Buy Now button to order. Hawaiian Raw Superoxide Dismutase comes with an unconditional full 2-month money back guarantee. 

Below are customers who took Hawaiian Raw Superoxide Dismutase during our pre-release launch 3 months ago:


"The tools that are available today to treat the aging process are truly amazing. Thanks to Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster over the past month, the results have expanded to the point that I am feeling and functioning 10-20 years younger. I am recommending Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster, their information and products to my patients."

Dorene Shallenberger MD
Center of Anti-Aging Medicine
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"Hello, I have been using Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster for 2 months now, and have been ingesting roughly 2 capsules of your 95% pure herbal formula.   I am relatively young (35), but have noticed strong improvements regarding my athletic performance. I have noticed my endurance has increased as well as my recovery after heavy training sessions. I am not exactly sure how it is working, but am happy with the results and will continue using this product."
Mary K on 15th Jan 2010


"For a long time now I have suffered low energy, and had recently been diagnosed with chronic fatigue. For any who have had this you will know how debilitating this condition can be! Anyways, a friend who had been using your product suggested I try this Superoxide Dismutase also, as it had done much for their health also. Suffice to say, my energy has returned (about 70% so far), and getting better every day. I look forward to continuing the use of Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster, and will keep you posted."
Judy P. on Oct 15th 2009


Below are Scott's Hawaiian SOD Booster users who did not want their names or location revealed:

"I have never had a website with such clarity and online help as yours. I will not go into detail but by following your information and taking your products I have been able to feel normal for the first time in many years. Thank you for being there."

"I just want to thank you for your wonderful service I rec'd the first 2 bottles very quickly, and you always reply so promptly. It is a pleasure to deal with you! Thanks so much."

"Once again, I thank you for your prompt reply and excellent customer service. I will definitely be utilizing anti-aging systems again in the future."

Superoxide Dismtuase Guaranteed to WorkOrdering Instructions

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