Is Climate Change Responsible for the 2017 Hurricanes in Texas. Louisiana, Georgia and Florida?

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According to Forbes magazine, certain regions in Texas have had so much record breaking rainfall, the National Weather Service has had to invent new rainfall measuring equipment. In 2017, record floods have been occurring across Nepal and India. I mentioned in my book Jesus as the Sun,  released just a few months ago, that certain regions on earth may receive above average amounts of rainfall.

This is due to the fact that earth is entering a phase of very low solar activity. The last period of such low solar activity was from 1650 to 1810, known as "The Little Ice Age", which included the Spörer Minimum, from 1450 to 1530; the Dalton Minimum, from 1790 to 1820 and the Maunder Minimum, from 1645 to 1720; and the Dalton Minimum.

I state clearly in Jesus as the Sun that scientific evidence has proven that when sunspot activity is lower, more cosmic rays will occur. This is because stronger solar activity acts as a shield against incoming cosmic rays that flood earth's upper atmosphere. The period from 2015 to 2019 is cycle of very low sunspot activity. A paper published in nature written by Stanford researchers stated that the intensity of extremely rapid wet spells and extremely dry spells has been increasing over the decades during the south Asian monsoon season. Reference: Observed changes in extreme wet and dry spells during the South Asian summer monsoon season

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Solar Cycle #24.


Reference: Solar Cycle #24

Sunspot Activity
As shown above, as of 2017 we are in Solar Cycle #24, approaching Solar Minimum.

Numbers of sunspots began their decline around 2014. During this decline, we have seen a major increase in water moisture content in the atmosphere. This is what is responsible for the strong hurricanes. Because we are in a declining sunspot cycle, there is less solar radiation causing an overall effect on cosmic rays. We shall show this in greater depth later on.

As we shall show in the following images, when the hurricanes began first forming we see an accumulative effect in the sun's solar radiation (X-Ray Background Flux). This is what is responsible for giving the hurricane's winds a "push" creating the forces necessary for it to build up energy.

This increase in solar radiation also causes inflammation in the body. I outline this effect in greater detail along with the scientific references in the book. It is as if the effect of a solar flare leaves a lasting resonance that manifests itself over the course of a few days, playing out its effects on weather and the immune system.








Geomagnetic Activity 

Just before all the hurricane's formed, earth's geomagnetic activity reached a high of 96.  This is way above average. 

Reference. Cosmic Ray Data:

Reference. Cosmic Ray Data:

However as the following image shows, overall cosmic rays are increasing, creating an accumulative effect, leading to enhanced water moisture.

Variation of cosmic ray intensity and monthly sunspot activity since 1958 according to the Germany Cosmic Ray Monitor in Kiel  (GCRM) and NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC), respectively. High sunspot activity correlates with low cosmic ray intensity, and vice versa. 

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Increased solar radiation contributed to the formation of the hurricane. The overall long term drop in cosmic rays precipitated an increase in water moisture which further enhanced the destructive nature of the hurricanes. While it is the tendency of increased solar radiation to reduce the number of cosmic rays entering earth's atmosphere, and we can see in the first cosmic ray picture that there is a dip in the numbers of cosmic rays as solar radiation increases and forms the hurricane(s), because we are in a declining solar cycle, headed towards sunspot minimum, overall long term solar radiation levels are not as strong as they would usually be if we were at sunspot maximum. Hence overall more cosmic rays are entering earth's atmosphere and making more clouds. As the previous image above shows, overall, cosmic ray counts reach highs during sunspot minimum.

How Do More Cosmic Rays Increase Rainfall?

Numerous recently published studies have shown that when there are more cosmic rays, earth makes more clouds, which then leads to more rain. Increased cosmic rays not only affect the weather but our DNA as well. A few months ago I wrote an article showing how more cosmic rays are affecting human DNA.

Another positive feature of lower sunspot activity is enhanced intuition as I show in my 2017 book Jesus as the Sun, released just a few weeks ago. We have been using this cycle of lower sunspot activity to perfect our associative remote viewing skills in the Dow Jones Associative Remote Viewing Project. This enhanced intuitive effect is most likely due to the increased water moisture in the air.

So in summary, expect more climate change as we enter a cycle of less sunspots.

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Related Book - Sunspot Secrets. Jesus as the Sun. Technology, Prophecy and Human Evolution

Read 4 chapters for FREE!


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