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This formula contains NO CAFFEINE, NO SOY, WHEAT, DAIRY or artificial flavors or preservatives.

What is Mightyz Brain Lightning?

What is Mightyz Brain Lightning?

Mightyz Brain Lightning is an all-natural synergistic mix of the most powerfully researched brain stimulating herbs, proven to eliminate mental fatigue and increase mental alertness. Mightyz Brain Lightning is also a safe way to naturally restore your memory, attain laser sharp focus and significantly improve concentration. Its non-caffeine and non-sugar qualities make it especially useful for long term use. Mightyz Brain Lightning can also be used safely to restore harmony, improve information retrieval and add health and systemic balance to your brain without harmful side effects or artificial stimulants. One of the main ingredients in Gotu Kola, a powerful anti-aging herb, revered by the Tibetans for centuries.

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Tincure VS Capsules. Which goes Further?

Mightyz BrainLightning is also available in a 1oz Dropper Bottle Tincture/Herbal Extract. With a tincture, you get more value for money, plus it is better absorbed into your system and tinctures never go bad, they last forever. So let's compare capsules to a 1oz bottle of Herbal Tincture Extract.

A 1oz bottle of Herbal Extract Tincture contains approximately 590 drops.

At the recommended dosage of 8 drops of Mightyz BrainLightning per day, a 1oz bottle of Mightyz BrainLightning would last approximately 74 days. (590 divided by 8).

Lightning A 0 sized capsule equals approximately 12 drops of liquid and Mightyz BrainLightning comes in a bottle containing 60 capsules. At the recommended dosage of 2 Capsules of Mightyz BrainLightning daily, 60 capsules would last approximately 1 month.

Therefore Mightyz BrainLightning in Tincture form gives you twice as much as capsules.

What is Mightyz Brain Lightning Good For?

Use Mightyz Brain Lightning to boost memory and concentration, relieve mental fatigue and restore alertness. Mightyz Brain Lightning is also recommended for reducing the frequency of headaches, and naturally restoring healthy circulation to important areas of the brain.

The Effects of Age on Your Brain

As people get older, absent mindlessness and forgetfulness become more commonplace. This can lead to reduced cognitive functioning and mental fatigue, as well as to the all too well known "brain fog". Having an adequate oxygen-nutrient rich flow of blood to the brain, along with the right nutrients, returns the brain to its natural state of peak functioning, leaving you with the necessary levels of energy and significantly improved mental functioning to effectively perform everyday vital tasks, such as information recall and increased awareness of important duties.

Why is Mightyz Brain Lightning Better than Ginkgo or other Mind Stimulants?

Mightyz Brain Lightning is exclusively made in California. California is known for its attractive unique one of a kind green beaches, mountains and healthy lifestyle. This region of the Pacific Coast is also renowned for its natural and physical beauty, stress free environment, remote undisturbed mountains and high quality of life. The location and method of manufacturing ensure the bioavailability and balance of the natural active ingredients contained in the formula. The prime location of manufacturing also significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects and ensures that the active nutrients are in perfect balance - exactly as nature intended it to be.

Mightyz Brain Lightning has been formulated to target the brain and immune systems of the body, strengthening and energizing these vital areas, thus the results after taking Mightyz Brain Booster are felt immediately throughout the body. The natural herbs in Mightyz Brain Booster have been carefully selected to synergize with one another, increasing their effectiveness. This means all day increased mental performance and minimal, if any, mental fatigue and exhaustion. Mightyz Brain Lightning also includes Brazil Nut powder, a source of the powerful antioxidant Selenium. The herb Mullein, which has been shown in clinical research studies to stop or prevent the spread of tuberculosis. Slippery Elm helps detoxify and moisten the intestines and the superherbs Astragalus and Cordyceps have proven themselves to be of significant benefit to the immune system for centuries. They are especially known for their unique ability to provide resistance to colds and flu.

To maximize the absorption of these vital nutrients into the body, Mightyz Brain Lightning includes the unique herb Peoria, which has been clinically shown to increase the absorption of nutrients into the body.

Mightyz Brain Lightning also includes the herb Gotu Kola, proven to boost memory, boost SOD levels (Superoxide Dismutase, a anti-aging enzyme) and promote healthy skin. If you are an official certified independent laboratory, The Mightyz Company issues free samples for independent testing to show the many health benefits associated with taking Mightyz Brain Lightning.

Do you use the famed herb Ginseng?

Although Ginseng is a powerful herb, the Mightyz Company does not use Ginseng, but instead uses the herb Jiaogulan, which has not only been proven to be more powerful than Ginseng, but also serves as a natural sweetener.

Why Synergized Ingredients?

Over the years repetitive farming of the soil, as well as genetically engineered crops have resulted in a loss of the most important vital nutrients found in fruits, plants and vegetables. These essential nutrients are essential for a healthy body. Mightyz Brain Lightning combines herbs and spices scientifically proven to induce beneficial synergistic effects when used together in the right ratios (usually 2:1 and 10:1). This creates a more rounded and complete mix that increases the outcome of the desired results.

A quality synergized formula also means you don't have to pay more, because you use less. Research has proven that genetically grown foods lose up to 60% or more of their nutritional content after harvest, storage and other processing factors. This significantly degrades their health enhancing qualities considerably. With a synergistic formula, you get consistent results without a loss of important nutrients, thus achieving excellent results. Mightyz Brain Lightning uses the natural preservative Rosemary, which allows the formula to keep fresh for up to 8 months.

Why Natural is Better

Natural remedies have effectively been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Recently more and more research is validating the effectiveness of herbs and spices. There are now numerous published clinical studies openly demonstrating the ability of select herbs and spices to restore memory and improve overall brain functioning. Recently, and as future trends are predicting, more and more people are returning to these natural herbs and select spices to restore their brain to its peak functioning state.

How soon before I get results

Effects are felt immediately, and within 20 days the effects become longer lasting, so you can use less as your brain feels like it is being rebuilt or that you are using more of your brain. It's like parts of the brain are being rebuilt and re-energized. If you are a student, or person that performs high analytical tasks daily, you will feel the results immediately through increased productivity and higher exam scores.

What about side effects/overdose?

There are none, being made of natural herbs and spices, Mightyz Brain Lightning is composed mostly of all natural herbal ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives or additives. As previously stated, it uses the natural preservative Rosemary, so your supply of Mightyz Brain Lightning keeps fresh for up to almost a year.

Use Mightyz Brain Lightning to: Naturally assist the brain with cognitive tasks and functions; readily store and recall important information and promote healthy vascular circulation and provide a oxygen rich blood flow to the brain.

How has Mightyz Brain Lightning Helped Others?

UNIQUE MEMORY SUPPLEMENT: "Jerry Cott, a psychopharmacologist at the National Institute of Mental Health, insists that his mother, who has Alzheimer's disease, uses Mightyz Brain Lightning daily. He believes it has dramatically slowed his mother's memory loss and progression of her other symptoms. "She has not gotten a smidgen worse in four years, which I think is pretty remarkable and so do her other doctors."

CIRCULATION RESTORED: "I had health problems such as congestive heart failure, angina, diabetes and an enlarged heart. I was introduced to Mightyz Brain Lightning and had success in reducing angina and it also increased my circulation. It seems to have increased my alertness and circulation. My doctor told me it would help with my impotence caused by diabetes." (Jeff H. Nevada)

"Mightyz Brain Lightning helped my wife and me so much that we decided to take some to my mother. We knew Mightyz Brain Lightning helped with some problems caused by aging. But my mother said she wouldn't take it, that she had a whole medicine cabinet full of things that did no good and she was sick of the side effects she got with drugs. Only after telling her it was harmless, would she take it. My mother was cranky about it, but kept taking it. Then she was bowling with her friends one evening and one made the comment, 'You are so with-it, what's happened to you?' She only could think it might be the Mightyz Brain Lightning, and we've had no trouble getting her to take it ever since. Now we're not worrying about Alzheimer's anymore." (Jan H. Minnesota)

CLARITY OF THOUGHT RETURNS: "The condition of my health was becoming a major concern to me. Being a high school teacher teaching High School English, I took my fluent speech for granted. Recently I began having trouble expressing myself. Things I knew well, suddenly escaped me. My speech began to slur last year. I have been taking Mightyz Brain Lightning for three months now. My slurred speech is gone, and I'm delighted now when my associates compliment me on how sharp I am in conversation. This product is a God-send!" (Hank R. Ohio)

Directions: For children and adults, take between 2 and 3 capsules daily before meals on an empty stomach, and preferably upon first thing rising in the morning. Dosage may be increased as needed. May be taken with Green Tea or for best results, take with sprouted barley seed. Receive significant optimal results with regular use.

Like all Mightyz products, Mightyz Brain Lightning includes a 2 month money back guarantee.

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For a more in depth review of the effects of the Synergized Ingredients view the Brain Lightning Fact Sheet

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