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The Ultimate Outdoorsman's Guide to Wilderness Hiking and Camping




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Written by the Inventor of the LAMPSTOVE (, this book makes it possible to comfortably camp in rain, desert or snow. It just takes the right information and planning. This unique book makes a great survival book for military, boy and girl scouts, outdoor rescue departments or any outdoor enthusiast. At the end of this book, you can view the images and illustrations needed for you to make your own LampStove for under $10.

From the author: Out of spending many years camped in remote regions and in all climate conditions, I have yet to find a good book that covers camping in extreme cold, hot or wet conditions with the information in one easy to read book. Sure there are some good survival books out there, but there is a big difference between survival, and camping and hiking for the sheer pleasure of it.

This book gives you the much sought after tools and information to make camping in the snow, rain or desert an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  With more and more campgrounds becoming crowded each year, by properly planning to camp in snow, rain or desert, you have increased privacy and comfort.

After reading this book you will have increased self-confidence and solutions that you can apply while camping in just about any climate.  This book can also make a handy emergency book to save your life if you happen to find yourself unexpectedly caught in a weather extreme.   

This is not just another how to camp or hike book, but instead gives you straight forward practical tips and techniques not found in other camping or hiking books.  What many camping books on the market today neglect to tell their readers is how to camp in snow, rain or desert conditions and how to turn those conditions into an adventure filled with memorable experiences. Many of these books are hard core "survival" books making those extremes look life threatening.

This book assumes the reader has a background of general camping experience and maybe even a small library of books related to camping and hiking, and is fairly well educated about hiking and safety in the wilderness.

You will always get the most out of any camping experience by learning how to effectively adapt quickly to the environmental conditions you are exposed to. This book teaches that with the proper planning, you will learn that nature accommodates you in all weather environments. The keys are the right tools and having respect for nature.

By having this book available in your library of adventure books, you will have at your fingertips one of the best resources, tips and information on surviving comfortably in the snow, rain or desert.


 Number of Total Pages: 208


Chapter 1
How New Technology Is Making Camping And Hiking In The Wilderness More Enjoyable Than Ever Before. Page 1

Chapter 2
Camping And Hiking In Rain And Fog Conditions. Page 5

Camping In The Rain. Page 5

Predicting Changes In The Weather. Page 5

Moon Phases And Changes In The Weather. Page 6

How Sudden Weather Changes Can Be Accurately Forecasted. Page 9
What Is The Dew Point? . Page 17
Fire Starters For Moist And Damp Conditions. Page 18

Making A Fire In The Rain. Page 20
Flash Floods. Page 23

Hiking In The Rain. Page 24
Keeping Personal Belongings Dry In The Rain. Page 26

How To Use Plastic Bags To Your Advantage To Keep Your
Items Dry. Page 27

Necessary Rain Gear For Rain
Hikes. Page 27

Recommended Clothing For Rain
Hikes. Page 28

Drying Out Soaked Clothing. Page 30

Backpack Packing Basics. Page 31

Avoiding Lightning Strikes. Page 33
The Importance Of Keeping Dry Emergency Clothing
On Hand. Page 34

Layering Your Clothing To Keep
Warm. Page 35

Warming Yourself Before Going To
Sleep. Page 35

The Importance Of Airing Out Clothing And Camping Equipment After A Hard Rain. Page 36
4 Methods To Wash Clothes Clean And Fresh Without Using Laundry
Soap. Page 37

The Best Hiking Pack For Raining Conditions. Page 40

Foods That Keep You Warm In The Cold And Damp. Page 41

A Recipe For Warming The Body During Cold Damp Conditions. Page 43
Spiced Chickpea And Tomato
Soup. Page 43

Why Rodents Are Attracted To Your Food While Camped. Page 45

The Best Types Of Clothing To Wear For Rain Hiking. Page 47

The Best Socks To Keep Your Feet And Toes Cozy In Cold, Damp Rainy Conditions. Page 47

Building Morale. Page 48
Keeping Warm At Night During

The Rain. Page 48
Dealing With Excessive Rain. Page 49

Using A Cot. Page 50

Using A Hammock. Page 50
Handy Tips For Stringing A
Hammock. Page 52

Secrets To Pitching Your Tent In Rainy Weather To Keep It Dry. Page 54

Keeping The Floor Of Your Tent
Dry. Page 58

Chapter 3
Camping And Hiking In A Desert Environment. Page 60

A Recommended Desert Camping Checklist. Page 61

The Bare Essentials Desert Camping Checklist. Page 63

Pitching Your Tent In The
Desert. Page 64

Keeping Warm While Sleeping On The Ground In The Desert. Page 68
Camping In Death Valley,
California. Page 69

Seasons In Death Valley. Page 69

Building Endurance And Stamina In Desert Conditions. Page 70

The Superoxide Dismutase Herbal Energy Combination For Building Endurance. Page 72

Building Stamina. Page 73

Potassium And Protein. Page 75

Stir Fried Tomatoes Desert
Recipe. Page 76

Sugar And Caffeine Free Desert Re-Hydration Formula. Page 78

Days Mosquitoes Are More Aggressive And How To Avoid Them. Page 79
How To Assemble And Use A Hammock For Camping. Page 80

Recommended Clothing For Desert Hiking. Page 82

Food For Desert Hikes And
Camping . Page 84

The Coolest Months For Hiking In The Desert. Page 86

A Little Known Effective Secret To Protect Yourself Against Rattlesnakes While Hiking. Page 87

Check Your Boots Each
Morning. Page 89

Keep Black Plastic Out Of
Sunlight. Page 89

The Dangers Of Refilling Plastic Water Bottles. Page 90
How Re-Use Of Plastic Drinking Water Bottles Can Cause The Breeding Of Severe Bacteria. Page 92

Clues To Look For When Rivers And Streams Are Unsafe. Page 95

Secrets To Keeping Items Cool In Desert Conditions. Page 96

Chapter 4
Camping And Hiking In Winter
Conditions. Page 98

Planning For Camping In Snow Conditions. Page 100

Methods To Keep Warm In Freezing Snow. Page 101

The Warming Brandy Myth. Page 102
Secrets To Staying Warm While Camping In The Snow. Page 103

The Importance Of Vapor
Barriers. Page 103

Snow Cave Safety Basics. Page 104

Snow Cave Equipment. Page 104

The Best Locations For A Snow Cave. Page 105

Snow Cave Construction
Basics. Page 105

Snow Cave Air Vents. Page 109

Wind Protection While Camped In Winter Conditions . Page 110

Snow Caves Part 2. Page 111

Building A Snowcave In Shallow
Snow. Page 112

Building A Snowcave In Thick
Snow. Page 113

Building Your Snowcave’s
Doorway. Page 114

How To Make Snow Bricks. Page 114

Creating Your Snowcave
Opening. Page 115

Creating A Heating Tarp For
Warmth. Page 116

Building A Safe Snow Cave In An Emergency. Page 118

Recommended Clothing For Hiking And Camping In Snow Conditions. Page 118

Why Overexposure To Heat Leads To Increased Chances Of Catching
A Cold. Page 119

Hiking In The Snow. Page 121

Tips For Staying Warm In The
Cold. Page 122

A Secret Mental Visualization Technique That Re-Warms Your Body. Page 124

Using Thought Power To Warm Your Body. Page 125

The Magic Of Pine Cones . Page 127

Using Pine Cones For Weather Forecasting. Page 128

Using Pine Cones To Control  Strong Winds. Page 129

The Best Locations To Pitch That Will Naturally Warm Your Tent. Page 131
Recommended Snow Clothing. Page 132
Choosing The Right Size Tent For Maximum Warmth. Page 133
Using Plastic Bags For Keeping
Items Dry. Page 135

Winter Fuel Planning. Page 137

Planning Your Winter Hiking
Food Meals. Page 138

The Amount Of Calories Burned While Hiking In Snow Varies With Physical Activity . Page 140

Winter Camping Cooking
Utensils. Page 141

Breakfast Winter Foods. Page 142
Lunch Winter Foods. Page 144

Winter Meals For Dinner. Page 144

Safety Tips For Winter Hiking In Remote Regions. Page 146

The Best Tips For Staying Warm On A Cold Winter’s Night. Page 148

Additional Tips That Keep You Warm While You Sleep At Night. Page 149

Hypothermia. Page 150

Frostbite, The Silent Killer. Page 152

Proven Solutions For Frostbite. Page 152

How To Use Your Thoughts To Generate Heat And Stay Warm. Page 155

The Secret Technique That Uses Your Mind To Warm Your Body. Page 157

Secrets To Pitching Your Tent In Heavy Snow Conditions. Page 159

Quick Clothing Tips For Camping In The Snow. Page 159

Chicken Soup With Chili. Page 161

Chicken Soup With Pumpkin
Spice. Page 161

Keeping Cooking Utensils Free Of Bacteria Food Born Viruses. Page 162

Hammock Assembly And Importance Of Staying Off Of Ground. Page 166

Clothing For Snow Camping. Page 170
Staying Warm In The Snow. Page 171

Chapter 5
Campgrounds In The Western United States That Have The Most Beautiful Scenic Views. Page 172
The Most Stunning And Visually Beautiful Camping Locations In The Western United States. Page 173

Chapter 6
Methods That Save Weight, Time And Money While On The Trail. Page 178

Tooth Brush And Tooth Brush
Alternatives. Page 178

Quick Relief For Insect And
Plant Stings. Page 180

Three Quick And Simple Lanterns You Can Make While On The Trail. Page 182

Over One Dozen Simple Methods That Enhance Your Camping
Experience. Page 183

A Neat Trick To Remove Bad Cholesterol Fat From Your Steak. Page 187

How To Make Your Own Pre-Made Tasty Pancake Mix. Page 188

Chapter 7
How To Make Your Very Own Charcoal Briquette Camping Stove







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